We are adding a digital value to your tourism business


You also add your tourist hotel or associated business name to the cyber space and get a tourist attraction and a new booking order. For this, we create an exciting websites that you need and maintain the website, and we will keep it up.

Why your business needs a website

Today, more than 95% of tourists arriving in Sri Lanka reserved hotels and other facilities via the internet. To attract these tourists to your business location, they must have a medium to link them and your business. For that you can install a web site under your business name. Visitors can access and view all the information about your accommodation amenities, photos, prices etc and contact with you. Also if you are looking to develop your business using social network( FaceBook /Google ads) and other advertising, business publishing methods, you also need a website.

1.Being able to display all information accurately and excellently

All the details on accommodation and services are published on your site. The facilities that you provide, room rates, details of different packages, photos, places, addresses etc are also published. Telephone numbers that you can contact also add.


2.Get users through Search Engines like Google

When the visitors searching for hotels in your area via search engines such as google, they will come to you. If you want to boost your site’s ranking on search engines, there are things you need to do. It can be competitive. However, first you have to have a web site. This also helps to bring foreign as well as domestic tourists.


3.Publication of title and professional value

This promotes your business name among local and foreign tourists. In a competitive environment, it’s important for your business to have a high profile site.


4.It’s easy to get new sales through advertising

If you are advertising online advertisement like Facebook, Google, and other visual, print media then your advertisers should have a way to get more information. for that it can use a website.


5.Connecting to Booking Engine/Hotel Directory

If you are already registered with Booking.com, Hotel.com, Agoda.com, you can get more traffic by connecting with your site. If you are newcomer to this field and haven’t yet registered your travel agency at these institutions, we will initially give you instructions for that, and we will train you to purchase orders. This is an additional help from us that gives you free.


6.Your business does not rely on Booking Engine only for your Rating

Setting up a website can help you to improve your income, not only by booking the engine you registered, but also by upgrading it. You can also get direct sales/ orders using advertising. SEO, and more.




Our service and Role

We will maintain a web site under your business name and update it annually. You can also change the information at any time. This will be charged annually. We hold a web hosting fee that collects the domain name fees and website hosting fees for maintaining a website.



Our Specialty

It is the responsibility of an organization providing a web site design and development service to create a website with the right facilities for the client’s business. But if we go beyond it and move you to a victorious destination, we hope to support you in every way possible for your own good. First of all you need to create your business website with all the facilities you need, making changes to your needs, solving technical issues, when necessary throughout the year. Additionally to providing the most up-to-data service we can give you to achieve your business’s goal of obtaining new sales and upgrading your business to a higher level in order to fulfill the previous requirement. Most of these are the methods that will help business to grow in cyber space and we will advise you to do so.

Contact us

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